Tuesday, December 10, 2013

How to enjoy your vacation and NOT blow your diet!

  1. Plan Ahead: When on a road trip (or even running errands all day long) pack a lunch and/or dinner in a small cooler. That way you are not relying on fast food during your trip. It can also be a fun break to have a picnic lunch during a long drive and a great reason to get out and stretch your legs!
  2. Use the Mini-Fridge: When staying at a hotel, check to see if your room has a mini fridge.  If so, pack food to bring, or do an internet search before leaving home to find the closest supermarket to pick up some essentials.  This not only decreases the reliance on fast food and restaurants while on vacation, but can save money, too!
  3. Mix your Own Drinks: When flying, bring an empty water bottle and fill it up after getting through security. You can also bring individual packets of sugar-free drinks (ex. crystal light) to mix in your water.
  4. Plan for Delays:  When flying, pack in your carry-on easily stored foods that do not require refrigeration (individual servings of nuts, whole fruit, beef or turkey jerky, individual peanut butter packets, and protein shake powder that can mix well with water).  These items can save the day if you are delayed on the plane or in a terminal and only have fast-food items to choose from.